Saturday, June 9, 2012

Asian Chicken Pesto Pasta

Sometimes, dinner is created by what's on hand. Now, granted, I have a somewhat eclectic pantry, so I have a bit more "on hand" than others, but this dish can easily be made in under 15 minutes after a brief stop to the store. If you can't find Thai basil or aren't growing your own (I got a plant for $2 at Home Depot and it grows like crazy!), use regular basil.  It just won't be as peppery.

Note, it only serves 2...I've been practicing my "empty nesting" recipes in preparation for this fall when our daughter heads off to college. Also note that the measurements are not exact.  Use your intuition, taste and creativity to make it your own.  You could add diced cucumber as well, and we served it with cubed mango drizzled with lime juice.

Asian Chicken Pesto Pasta         
Serves 2

1 rotisserie chicken breast, shredded
One large handful slaw mix
One bundle Asian noodles
One large handful Thai basil
7-10 mint leaves
One handful peanuts, roasted briefly in hot skillet
2 garlic cloves
Dash sesame oil
olive oil
Place chicken in large mixing bowl. Meanwhile bring water to boil in large skillet, place in Asian noodles.  Turn off heat and let sit until tender, about 5-7 minutes. Drain and add to bowl with chicken. Add in slaw mix and salt. In a food processor, combine Thai basil, mint, salt to taste, peanuts, garlic cloves, sesame oil until it forms a paste. Add about ½ c. olive oil and process until somewhat smooth. Pour over ingredients in bowl, mix and serve with Sriracha hot sauce if you want it spicy.

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