Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday -- Speakeasys are all the rage

The latest trend in drinking establishments is the speakeasy. From Russell's Room in San Francisco to Citizen R+D in Scottsdale, bartenders/mixologists are using these smaller, more intimate venues to serve as a laboratory for their drink creations, and keep the crowds down by putting a few minor road blocks in the way.

Some speakeasies make you call ahead for reservations; some don't take them. But...they all have rules.  Rules such as: "Use your indoor voice" or "Speak easy."

Richie Moe, mixologist extraordinaire at  Citizen Public House has now opened Citizen R+D, a small speakeasy only accessible by finding the phone number posted outside the door and giving it a ring. If they have space, they'll let you in. If not, you wait. Or try another time. Trust me...I've had plenty of Richie's drinks....wait.

Hopefully, in the next few weeks,we'll have a few simple, make at home recipes from Richie to share with you.

Drink up...but speak softly. 

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