Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Get Rid of the Picky Eater: New Lunch and Snack-time Ideas

Busy moms are always looking for new ideas for lunch and snacks.  We’ve all gotten into the PB&J, ham and cheese, chicken nugget rut.  So, after reading this great article from the Boston Globe
on how toddlers can be taught to eat more “interesting” foods, here are some fresh thoughts on lunch and snack time.  If you have a toddler, start them on this new culinary adventure now. If you have older kids, it may take a bit more time, but eventually they’ll grow to love some of these foods.

·         Greek yogurt with fruit
·         hummus with pita chips or pretzels, and carrot sticks
·         cucumber rounds with cream cheese
·         cherry tomatoes with mozza balls
·         turkey lunch meat rolled with muenster and baby spinach
·         salami rolled with cream cheese

 Be adventurous in your food selections for your kids….and make sure they see you eating interesting foods too, and you won’t have to cook another chicken nugget again.

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