Monday, May 23, 2011

A Quick and Easy Centerpiece

We hosted a barbeque yesterday for some of my husband’s former co-workers.  I wanted to have couple of centerpieces, but wasn’t in the mood for cut flowers.  So, I headed to my local discount garden center and picked out some attractive bedding plants that would work with my color scheme.  Burgundy salvia, some dusty miller, grasses, etc.

Then, I looked for an inexpensive container to place them in.  I found a rectangular vinyl tray for $7 or $8.  I just had to make sure it was deep enough to hide the plant containers. 

Next, I used some disposable storage containers to set in the tray to allow for some plants to sit higher than others.

Once I had filled the tray with all of my bedding plants, I filled in the gaps with some Spanish moss.
The result:  A beautiful centerpiece that I can take apart now and plant the plants in my garden or patio containers! 

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