Monday, October 31, 2011

Is there such thing as "too many cupcakes?"

Yesterday, Barb went to a great fundraiser for Central Arizona Social Services, the Cupcake Love-In, with her intrepid tasting buddy Berkley.  For $20 they sampled cupcakes from many of the top bakers/bakeries/restaurants in town.

 Tickets were given out to limit you to 7 "tastes," but, if you went with a friend, you could each eat 1/2 and get 14 tastes. Top it off, many vendors weren't taking tickets, so we ended up trying more than 20 cupcakes.  OOF!

Our first cupcake of the day, a fabulous Salted Caramel by Santa Barbara Catering
We also tried a terrific chocolate mint cupcake, adorably decorated, by simply sweets.

Of course, we loved seeing our neighbors at Mind Over Batter -- always excellent

Some of the cupcake offerings were a bit over the top -- such as the tomato soup/grilled cheese (ick), and some were obviously stale.  The texture of the vegan cupcakes just didn't cut it for us.  Tammie Coe's chocolate hazelnut crunch cakes were divine, but surprisingly, our winners of the day were Sommer Walter's cupcakes from Heaven's Gluten-Free Bakehouse.  Yes, we said gluten free. We almost passed up these morsels because of that, but ended up going back for seconds.  The banoffee was full of true banana flavor and great toffee crunch, and any baked-goods lover would be unable to tell that they were gluten free.  Our absolute fave of the day?  Her "Game Day" cupcake, made with gluten-free beer and frosted with a cheddar cheese frosting.  Oh Heaven indeed!

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