Thursday, June 23, 2011

Just Peachy

The first great peaches are coming in from California. Fresno is the peach capital, with farms not only selling all the varieties we’re used to, but some specialty farmers, like the Masumoto Family Farm ( grow varieties such as the Elberta and the Sun Crest, which is the best peach I have ever eaten. Check them out—you can adopt one of their Elberta trees!

Here’s a recipe by Chef David LeFevre for grilled peach salad.  It looks divine.
I may do a riff on it as well and try adding grilled chicken, swap out the lettuce for baby spinach, the walnuts for pistachios and the ricotta for feta.

For our Thirsty Thursday drink recommendation, try this fabulous Peach Daiquiri recipe  from featuring Captain Morgan Original Spiced rum.

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