Saturday, August 6, 2011

Non-Stick Pots or Not?

With the variety of skillets out there, which one is best for everyday use? The answer is actually, both:  you need a good non-stick and a good stainless steel pan with no coating for different reasons.

Non-stick is perfect for frying an egg, sautéing vegetables and cooking anything you don’t want to develop any color.  Never cook in non-stick over very high heat, it lessens the life of the pan and can emit some chemicals into the air.

A regular stainless steel pan is great for searing meats and giving a golden brown crust to something.  It caramelizes your food, and leaves bits on the bottom of the pan that make a great pan sauce.  With a standard pan, you can start out with the pan being smoking hot, but once you put the meat in, turn down the heat to medium or you won’t have caramelization…you’ll have carbon.

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