Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Tea-ing It Up

So far, the marriage of sweet tea and booze seems here to stay.  We haven't made time yet to experiment with some recipes ourselves, but came across this Tea-Thyme recipes that sounds like a perfect summer beverage.  It incorporates tea vodka with lemon juice, honey and muddled fresh thyme.  There are a number of tea vodkas out on the market including Seagram's, Firefly, and Jeremiah Weed. For some more tea vodka recipes, check out this azcentral link from June. 

In honor of Barb, whose drinking tendencies lean decidedly toward bourbons,here's a fun-sounding recipe from a blog called "Something Edible" for Bourbon Whiskey Iced Tea.  For this one, you don't need to run out and purchase a special bottle -- it actually uses brewed tea and traditional bourbon you may already have on-hand.

Bottoms up!

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